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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Dec-1999Quality assessment in clinical chemistry: a Thailand experience.Promptmas, C; Prijavudhi, A; Pavaro, U
24-Jan-2004Application of real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis for detection and discrimination of malaria parasite species in Thai patients.Katakai, Yuko; Chiabchalard, Rachatawan; Komaki-Yasuda, Kanako; Kawazu, Shin-ichiro; Singhasivanon, Pratap; Krudsood, Srivicha; Looareesuwan, Sornchai; Kano, Shigeyuki
1-Jun-1989Serodiagnosis of paragonimiasis by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and immunoelectrophoresis.Waikagul, J
28-Sep-2005Enhanced maturation and proliferation of beta-thalassemia/Hb E erythroid precursor cells in culture.Kittikalayawong, Yaowaree; Sila-asna, Monnipha; Bunyaratvej, Ahnond
1-Sep-1974Preliminary report on new cercariae from Bellamya and Pila snails in Peninsular Malaysia.Lim, H K; Colley, F C; Ow-Yang, C K
1-Sep-1979Thrombo-embolism in minimal change nephrotic syndrome.Vanapruks, V; Meckangvan, P
1-Jun-1976Schistosomiasis japonica in China: a brief review.Cross, J H
4-Mar-2001Physical activity and risk factors for hip fractures in Thai men.Suriyawongpaisal, P; Rajatanavin, R; Takkinstien, A; Wanvarie, S; Apiyasawat, P; ,
1-Jun-1992Heparin therapy in Russell's viper bite victims with disseminated intravascular coagulation: a controlled trial.Tin Na Swe,; Myint Lwin,; Khin Ei Han,; Tin Tun,; Tun, P e
1-Mar-1997An outbreak of ascariasis with marked eosinophilia in the southern part of Kyushu District, Japan, caused by infection with swine ascaris.Maruyama, H; Nawa, Y; Noda, S; Mimori, T
4-Mar-2001Differential serodiagnosis of cystic and alveolar echinococcosis using native and recombinant antigens in Japan.Ito, A; Sako, Y; Ishikawa, Y; Nakao, M; Nakaya, K
27-Mar-2004Cysticercosis: IgG-ELISA evaluations of peak1 antigen and <30 kDa antigen of delipidized extract of Taenia solium metacestodes.Dekumyoy, Paron; Waikagul, Jitra; Vanijanonta, Sirivan; Thairungroj, Malinee; Nakao, Minoru; Sako, Yasuhito; Watanabe, Sonoyo; Ito, Akira
6-May-2006Application of multiplex pcr for species discrimination using individual metacercariae of Paragonimus occurring in Thailand.Sugiyama, Hiromu; Morishima, Yasuyuki; Rangsiruji, Achariya; Binchai, Sutheewan; Ketudat, Punsin; Kawanaka, Masanori
28-Mar-2006Benchmarks of Fairness for health care reform in Thailand--combining evidence with opinion of the civic group.Pannarunothai, Supasit; Faramnuayphol, Pinij
1-Sep-1976Activities of some carbohydrate metabolising enzymes in both the yeast-like and mycelial-like forms of Candida albicans.Ton, S H; Karunairatnam, M C
1-Jun-1973Sporocyst of Echinostoma hystricosum.Lim, K H; Lie Kian Joe,; Boss, J M; Ow-Yang, C K
1-Sep-1979Amniotic fluid embolism: report of five cases.Watananukul, P; Benjawongkulchai, S; Boonsiri, B
21-Dec-2000Investigation of malaria prevalence at National Thermal Power Corporation, Shaktinagar, Sonbhadra District (Uttar Pradesh), India.Dua, V K; Nanda, N; Gupta, N C; Kar, P K; Subbarao, S K; Sharma, V P
6-Dec-1999Highlights on the World Bank Loan Schistosomiasis Control Program in China (1991-1998): a special focus on Hunan Province.Dongbao, Y; Ross, A G; Musheng, X; Yuesheng, L; Yan, C
1-Mar-1992Parasitic contamination of selected vegetables sold in Metropolitan Manila, Leon, W U; Monzon, R B; Aganon, A A; Arceo, R E; Ignacio, E J; Santos, G
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 5907