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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2009Risk factors associated with leptospirosis during an outbreak in Middle Andaman, India.Sugunan, A P; Vijayachari, P; Sharma, S; Roy, Subarna; Manickam, P; Natarajaseenivasan, K; Gupte, M D; Sehgal, S C
1-Dec-1979Cleido cranial dysostosis in five generations of a family with some atypical roentgenologic features.Aggarwal, A K; Gargaya, S; Sharma, S; Pal, L S; Bahl, L; Puri, D S; Sarin, N K
16-Jan-1998Non-coronary cardiac interventions. The second report of the Non-Coronary Cardiac Intervention Registry, the Cardiological Society of India.Bahl, V K; Raju, B S; Panja, M; Arora, R; Ramesh, S S; Sharma, S
1-Jul-1995Prevalence of coronary heart disease and coronary risk factors in an urban population of Rajasthan.Gupta, R; Prakash, H; Majumdar, S; Sharma, S; Gupta, V P
1-May-1988Cardiovascular status in highest village of the world (4205 m)--a survey report.Sharma, S
1-Jul-1990Seasonal fluctuations in the occurrence of enteroinvasive Escherichia coli diarrhoea.Ram, S; Khurana, S; Khurana, S B; Sharma, S; Vadehra, D V
1-Oct-1987Bioecological factors & Salmonella diarrhoea.Ram, S; Khurana, S; Vadehra, D V; Sharma, S
1-Aug-1984Anabolic steroids in aplastic anaemia.Kochupillai, V; Sharma, S; Sundaram, K R
1-Jun-1987Intravenous lignocaine & haemodynamic responses to cystoscopy.Sharma, S; Mahajan, R P; Grover, V K; Singh, H
1-Nov-1987Effect of intranasal nitroglycerine on circulatory responses to laryngoscopy & endotracheal intubation.Grover, V K; Sharma, S; Mahajan, R P; Singh, H