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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2009Risk factors associated with leptospirosis during an outbreak in Middle Andaman, India.Sugunan, A P; Vijayachari, P; Sharma, S; Roy, Subarna; Manickam, P; Natarajaseenivasan, K; Gupte, M D; Sehgal, S C
13-Aug-2008Protective efficacy of Emblica officinalis against Klebsiella pneumoniae induced pneumonia in mice.Saini, A; Sharma, S; Chhibber, S
1-Mar-1979Possible association of the antiviral and antitumour activities of chick interferon with different protein fractions constituting it.Babbar, O P; Sharma, S
30-Sep-2000Pyelonephritic potential of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in ascending mouse model.Yadav, V; Harjai, K; Joshi, K; Sharma, S
1-Jul-1983Role of microsomal drug detoxifying enzyme systems in paracetamol induced liver injury in rats.Sharma, S; Bhatia, A; Das, P K
1-Sep-1991ELISA for detection of heat stable enterotoxin producing Escherichia coli strains.Ram, S; Khurana, S; Vadehra, D V; Sharma, S; Khurana, S B; Ganguly, N K; Sehgal, R
1-Dec-1988Ascending pyelonephritis model in Swiss Webster (LACA) mice.Sinha, N; Harjai, K; Sharma, S
1-Feb-1987Adhesion of urinary Escherichia coli to human, mouse & rat uro-epithelial cells.Sharma, S; Singh, R; Khanna, V
6-Oct-2005Phenotypic & genotypic conservation of ompL1 & lipL41 among leptospiral isolates of Andaman Islands.Natarajaseenivasan, K; Vijayachari, P; Sharma, S; Sugunan, A P; Sehgal, S C
1-Jan-1973Effect of acute and chronic starvation on plaque forming cell response in mice.Chandra, R K; Sharma, S; Bhujwala, R A