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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-1979Cleido cranial dysostosis in five generations of a family with some atypical roentgenologic features.Aggarwal, A K; Gargaya, S; Sharma, S; Pal, L S; Bahl, L; Puri, D S; Sarin, N K
1-Feb-1977Foreign bodies in the tracheobronchial tree.Gupta, A; Chopra, K; Saha, M; Khanna, S K; Gupta, R K; Narayanan, P S; Sharma, S
1-Jul-1975Comparison of streptozyme test with ASO in rheumatic fever.Ganguly, N K; Mohan, C; Mahajan, R C; Sharma, S; Chitkara, N L; Arya, D; Sapru, R P
1-Mar-1979Possible association of the antiviral and antitumour activities of chick interferon with different protein fractions constituting it.Babbar, O P; Sharma, S
1-Dec-1975Colonial morphology of group A-beta haemolytic streptococcal L-forms in light microscopy.Mohan, C; Ganguly, N K; Chitkara, N L; Chakravarti, R N; Mahajan, R C; Sharma, S
1-Oct-1970Ampicillin and tetracycline resistance of salmonella.Sharma, S; Agarwal, S C
1-Jul-1977Plate haemolysis test for detection of gonococcal antibodies--a preliminary communication.Ganguly, N K; Sharma, S; Arora, L D; Kumar, B; Kaur, S; Chitkara, N L; Mahajan, R C
1-Sep-1977Role of L-forms of bacteria in recurrent urinary tract infection.Mundhra, B K; Chugh, K S; Mohan, C; Ganguly, N K; Sharma, S
1-Jan-1973Effect of acute and chronic starvation on plaque forming cell response in mice.Chandra, R K; Sharma, S; Bhujwala, R A
1-Jul-1979Isolation of antigen fraction responsible for delayed hypersensitivity in amoebiasis.Ganguly, N K; Mahajan, R C; Sharma, S; Chandanani, R E; Sharma, R R; Mohan, C