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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2010PCR for diagnosis of malaria.Parija, S C
Aug-2010Chandipura virus growth kinetics in vertebrate cell lines, insect cell lines & embryonated eggs.Jadi, R S; Sudeep, A B; Kumar, Satyendra; Arankalle, V A; Mishra, A C
Jul-2010Effect of ozone on response to ovalbumin & its modulation by vitamins C & E in sensitized guinea pigs.Chhabra, S K; Yasir, Abdul; Chaudhry, K; Shah, B
Mar-2010Hypophosphataemic rickets/osteomalacia – is there light at the end of the tunnel.Pettifor, John M
Dec-2009Changes in bone histology due to capacitive electric field stimulation of ovariectomized rat.Jayanand; Behari, Jitendra
Dec-2009Polymorphism in merozoite surface protein-1 gene in north & northwest indian field isolates of Plasmodium vivax.Farooq, Umar; Malla, N; Dubey, M L
Jan-2010Renal functional & haemodynamic changes following acute unilateral renal denervation in Sprague Dawley rats.Salman, Ibrahim M; Sattar, Munavvar A; Abdullah, Nor A; Ameer, Omar Z; Basri, Fathihah; Hussain, NurJannah M; Khan, Md Abdul Hye; Yam, Mun Fei; Kolla, R L Anand Swarup; Rathore, Hassaan A; Kazi, Raisa N; Salman, Harith M; Johns, Edward J
Dec-2009Serum antibody & Th2 cytokine profiles in patients with cystic echinococcosis.Chandrasekhar, Sudireddy; Parija, Subhash Chandra
Nov-2011Proliferative and morphologic characterization of buccal mucosal fibroblasts in areca nut chewers: A cell culture study.Mathew, Deepu George; Skariah, K Skariah; Ranganathan, Kannan
Aug-2010Evaluation of the anti-ulcer activity of NR-ANX-C (a polyherbal formulation) in aspirin & pyloric ligature induced gastric ulcers in albino rats.Nair, Vinod; Arjuman, Albina; Gopalakrishna, H N; Dorababu, P; Mirshad, P V; Bhargavan, Divya; Chatterji, Dipsanker