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Title: Menopausal Symptoms in Urban Women
Authors: Sharma, Sudhaa
Tandon, Vishal R
Mahajan, Annil
Keywords: Menopause
Women Health
Issue Date: Jan-2007
Citation: Sharma Sudhaa, Tandon Vishal R, Mahajan Annil. Menopausal Symptoms in Urban Women. JK Science Journal of Medical Education and Research. 2007 Jan-Mar;9(1): 13-17
Abstract: The present observational, cross sectional study was carried out in urban women (n=117) from Jammu with natural menopause to evaluate menopausal symptoms in women above the age of 40 belonging to the middle socioeconomic strata from Jammu (extreme northern India) as well as to evaluate the correlation of age on these symptoms by interviewing regarding their menopausal complaints in the following 40-44(n=27), 45- 50(n=30) and above 50 (n =60) years age groups. Mean age at menopause was 47.35 years. Mean number of menopausal symptoms in three age groups were as (mean±SD) 10.53±7.33, 7.70± 6.76 and14.50±10.77 respectively, which varied significantly (F=4.86, df=2, 87, P=0.009). The study reveal, varying nature of symptoms with age and MDSM (Mean Duration since Menopause), with vasomotor symptoms being more prevalent with lesser MDSM and psychological and rheumatic complaints more prevalent with increasing age and MDSM in this region. Such regional studies will help to corroborate data so that health care providers can plan strategies for the middle aged women suffering from these menopausal symptoms.
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