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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Breakfast Habits and Family Structure Associated with Overweight and Obesity in General Basic Students, Ecuador.Romero-Sandoval, Natalia; Guanopatin, Alexandra; Gallegos, Gustavo; Collaguazo, Andrés; Sáenz, Paulina; Latorre, Verónica; Egas, Verónica; Flores, Oscar; Utzet, Mireia; Martín, Miguel
Jan-2013Assessment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Patients’ Perception for Different Cardiovascular Risk Factors using Questionnaire.Gateva, Antoaneta; Kamenov, Zdravko
Jul-2013Dietary Fat Intake, Serum Estrogen Level and Obesity as Risk Factors of Breast Cancer in Saudi Females: A Case-Control Study.Abolfotouh, Mostafa A; Abulkhair, Omalkhair; Sbitan, Suha E; Ahmad, Fasih; Al-Muammar, May N
Jul-2013Reasons and Barriers to Lose Weight: Obese Adolescents’ Point of View.Lofrano-Prado, Mara Cristina; Hill, James O; Silva, Humberto José Gomes; Freitas, Camila Rodrigues Menezes de; Freitas, Silvestre Monteiro de; Ferreira, Moacir de Novaes de Lima; Prado, Wagner Luiz do
Oct-2013Effect of Birth Weight and Mode of Feeding During Early Infancy on Clinical Indicators of Obesity and Lipid Profile in Adulthood.Nouemsi, A P Kengne; Kuaté, D; Kingue, G B Azantsa; Nkougni, J Tchinda; Ngondi, J L; Julius, Oben
1-Jan-2014The Efficacy of Intravenous versus Subcutaneous Recombinant Erythropoietin in Obese African-African Patients in a Southeast U.S. Dialysis Cohort.Csongradi, Eva; Shoemaker- Moyle, Michael; Zsom, Lajos; Wells, Catherine; Lengvarszky, Zsolt; Tapolyai, Minhaly; Fulop, Tibor
11-Jan-2014Distinct Genetic Backgrounds in Quantitative Traits Preceding Type 2 Diabetes: One Reason for Missing Heritability.Blackett, Piers R; Sanghera, Dharambir K
21-Jan-2014Morning Salivary Cortisol Associates with Elevated Serum Leptin Levels in Jordanian Young Men with Olive Pollen Induced Allergic Rhinitis.Abu-Samak, Mahmoud; Abu-Zaiton, Ahmad; Al-Jaberi, Ahmad; Sundookah, Ahmad; Atrooz, Omar; khadra, Khalid M Abu; Kuzaie, Rula; Talib, Wamidh H
1-Feb-2014Neonatal Overfeeding Induced by Reducing the Litter Size Leads to an Obese Phenotype and Increases Preference for Sweet Food in Adult Male Rats.Noschang, Cristie; Portella, Andre Krumel; Cardoso, Sheila; Bittencourt, Veronica; Dalmaz, Carla; Goldani, Marcelo Zubaran; Silveira, Patricia Pelufo
1-May-2014Association between Anthropometric Indices, Plasma Insulin, Lipids and Lipoproteins in Overweight and Obese Nigerians.Ebesunun, M O; Akinade, A O; Oduwole, O O