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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2013Influence of long term application of fertilizers on soil organic matter content.Madhuri, K V Naga; Rao, P Chandrasekara; Kumar, K Vijay Krishna; Prathima, T
Jul-2012Adsorption of atrazine on selected vertisols and alfisols.Madhuri, K V Naga; Rao, P Chandrasekhar; Rao, M Subba; Prathima, T; Kumar, K Vijay Krishna; Reddy, B Ravindra; Giridhar, V
Apr-2013Services of Farmers’ Call Centre (FCC)-Angrau in dissemination of agricultural technology in Andhra Pradesh, India.Suresh, K; Hemalatha, S; Rajasri, M; Kumar, K Vijay Krishna; Suneetha, Y
Apr-2013Effect of Longterm Application of Fertilizers on Soil Organic Matter – A Critical Review.Madhuri, K V Naga; Rao, P Chandrasekara; Prathima, T; Suresh, K; Kumar, K Vijay Krishna; Giridhar, V
Aug-2010In-vitro antagonistic potential of pseudomonas fluorescens isolates and their metabolites against rice sheath blight pathogen, rhizoctonia solani.Reddy, B Prasanna; Jansi rani; Reddy, M S; Kumar, K Vijay Krishna
Jan-2011Evaluation and selection of elite plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria for suppression of sheath blight of rice caused by rhizoctonia solani in a detached leaf bio-assay.Kumar, K Vijay Krishna; Reddy, M S; Yellareddygari, S KR; Kloepper, J W; Lawrence, K S; Zhou, X G; Sudini, H; Miller, M E
May-2010Isolation of siderophore- producing strains of rhizobacterial fluorescent pseudomonads and their biocontrol against rice fungal pathogens.Reddy, B Prasanna; rani, Jansi; Reddy, M S; Kumar, K Vijay Krishna
Oct-2013A Brief Review on “Molecular Detection and Characterization of Yellow Mosaic Virus (YMV) Infecting Blackgram”.Obaiah, S; Reddy, B V Bhaskara; Reddy, N P Eswara; Kumar, K Vijay Krishna