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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Studies on the hydrobiology of river cauvery and its tributaries arasalar from Kumbakonam Region (Tamilnadu, India) with reference to zooplankton.Annalakshmi, G; Amsath, A
Apr-2012ESBL- A continuous diagnostic challenge to clinical microbiology laboratories.Sharma, Archana; Prakash, Mridula Raj; Veena, M; Singh, R Eshwar; Basavaraj, K N; Vishwanath, G
Apr-2012Vanadium supplementation reduces high fat diet induced hyperlipidemia, hyper insulinemia & hyperglycemia in rabbits.Subrahmanyam, G; Ramalingam, K; Rammohan, P; Devishankar, K; Kranthikumar, P
Apr-2012Implication of the Cytochrome B nucleotide and protein mutations in the occurrence of Breast Cancer in Senegal.Mbaye, Fatimata; Dem, Ahmadou; Fall, Malick; Sembène, Mbacké
Apr-2012Comparison of volatile compounds in teucrium polium l. by headspace and hydrodistillation techniques.Rowshan, Vahid; Najafian, Sharareh
Apr-2012Antimicrobial and wound healing studies on the extracts of the medicinal plant cocculus hirsutus (linn).Kalirajan, A; Michael, J Savarimuthu; Singh, A J A Ranjit; Padmalatha, C
Apr-2012Effect of environment on genetic parameters of hybrid rice.Bhadru, D; Krishna, L; Pasha, Md. Latheef; Naik, R B Muralidhar
Apr-2012Identification of T-Cell epitopes in structural proteins of tick borne encephalitis virus for vaccine development.Chaudhary, Dharmendra Kumar; Mani, Indra; Singh, Vijai
Apr-2012Some Indian bryophytes known for their biologically active compounds.Alam, Afroz
Apr-2012Correlation and path analysis studies in gallmidge resistant cultures of rice (oryza sativa l.).Bhadru, D; Mohan, Y Chandra; Rao, V Tirumala; Bharathi, D; Krishna, L