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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2011Potential strain of trichoderma spp. to control damping off of disease in chilli.Gomathi, S; Ambikapathy, V; Pannerselvam, A
Oct-2011Removal of phosphates from polluted waters using bio-adsosrbents.Jyothi, M Divya; Kiran, K Rohini; Ravindhranath, K
Oct-2011Homology modeling and drug designing of 18KDA antigen in mycobacterium leprae.Reddy, G Sai Ramalinga; Naidu, B V Ramana; Suneetha, B; Seshapani, P; Kumari, J Pramoda; Rayalu, D Jayasimha
Oct-2011Equilibrium and kinetic studies of methylene blue and rhodamineb onto prepared activated kaza’s carbons.Rao, M Nageswara; Ch. Chakrapani; Babu, Ch. Suresh; Rao, Kaza Somasekhara; Haritha, P; Phucho, I T; Rajesh, Kaza; Emmanuel, K
Oct-2011Fluoride pollution in ground waters of Kandukur revenue Sub-Division of Prakasam district in A.P., India and batch mode defluoridation using active carbons of some plant byproducts as adsorbents.Hanumantharao, Y; Kishore, Medikondu; Ravindhranath, K
Oct-2011Evaluation of selected insecticides as seed protectants against the maize weevil (Sitophilus zeamais M.).Parimala, K Veda; Maheswari, T Uma
Oct-2011Caput tertium gastrocnemius: Its phylogenetic and clinical basis.Sharma, Punita; Arora, Anterpreet; Sharma, Ravikant; Salwan, Surinder Kumar
Oct-2011A rare incidence of abnormally broad tendon of insertion of Tibialis anterior- A case report.Verma, Poonam; Arora, Anterpreet K; Sharma, Ravi Kant; Lalit, Monica; Agnihotri, Gaurav
Oct-2011Validation of pnutgro model for moisture stress effects on rainfed groundnut in Major Crop Growing Areas of Andhra Pradesh, India - A critical review.Prathima, T; Reddy, T Yellamanda; Krishna, T Murali; Devaki, K; Sudhakar, P; Sarala, N V; Babu, A Muneendra; Madhuri, K V Naga
Oct-2011Novel synthesis of hydrazide-hydrazone and their uses for the synthesis 1,3,4-oxadiazine, 1,2,4-triazine, pyrazole and pyridazine derivatives with antimicrobial and antifungal activities.Mohareba, Rafat M; El-Khairb, Adel abou