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Title: Neurobiology of cannabis addiction.
Authors: Jain, Raka
Balhara, Yatan Pal Singh
Keywords: anandamide
Issue Date: Jul-2008
Citation: Jain Raka, Balhara Yatan Pal Singh. Neurobiology of cannabis addiction. Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology. 2008 Jul-Sept; 52(3): 217-232.
Abstract: Cannabis has emerged as a common substance of abuse and dependence and the peculiarities associated with this widely available and used substance has triggered substantial research in this field. The earlier held concept of rather benign nature of this compound as a substance of abuse and dependence has changed as a result of the ongoing clinical and research findings. Cannabis has been found to have multiple physical and mental effects in human beings. But still a lot remains to be answered regarding the basis for the development of dependence on cannabis. However, the discovery of various cannabis receptors and their endogenous and synthetic ligands have added fuel to the ever growing interest in this substance. Various hypotheses have been postulated in this regard based on the findings of both the animal and human studies which serve as potential explanations to the observations. These findings have helped in the better understanding of the issue and have provided substrate for the clinical application.
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