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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2016Erratum: Endemic Indian clones of Klebsiella pneumoniae harbouring New Delhi metallo beta lactamase 1 on a hybrid plasmid replicon type: A case of changing New Delhi metallo beta lactamase plasmid landscapes in India.Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology
Oct-2016Polymyxin Nordmann/Poirel test for rapid detection of polymyxin resistance in Enterobacteriaceae: Indian experience.Bakthavatchalam, Yamuna Devi; Veeraraghavan, Balaji; Mathur, Purva; Purighalla, Swathi; Richard, Vijay Samuel
Oct-2016Medical Council of India circular on research publications: Flaring up the fire.Juyal, D; Thawani, V; Thaledi, S; Dhawan, B
Oct-2016Stamp’s modified Ziehl–Neelsen staining for Brucella: Beware of the first impressions.Tilak, K; Eshwara, V K; Tellapragada, C; Mukhopadhyay, C
Oct-2016Gonococcal opa gene as a diagnostic target for nucleic acid amplification tests in Indian Population.Verma, R; Mahajan, N; Sood, S
Oct-2016In vitro susceptibility of carbapenem‑resistant Enterobacteriaceae to colistin: A hope at present.Mohanty, S; Gaind, R
Oct-2016Severe unresolving Plasmodium falciparum malaria following artemisinin combination therapy: Emergence of drug resistance in Saudi Arabia.Al-Zaydani, I A; Al-Hakami, A; Kumar, A; Abdalla, S A; Otaif, M; Thiqa, R M A; Ahmed, H; Alnahili, K
Oct-2016Successful treatment of primary cerebral mucormycosis: Role of microbiologist.Benachinmardi, K K; Rajalakshmi, P; Veenakumari, H B; Bharath, R D; Vikas, V; Mahadevan, A; Nagarathna, S
Oct-2016Infections related to Granulicatella adiacens: Report of two cases and review of literature.Macin, S; İnkaya, A Ç; Tuncer, Ö; Ünal, S; Akyön, Y
Oct-2016Aeromonas hydrophila meningitis and fulminant sepsis in preterm newborn: A case report and review of literature.Kali, A; Kalaivani, R; Charles, P M V; Seetha, K S
Oct-2016Application of real‑time quantitative polymerase chain reaction assay to detect Legionella pneumophila in patients of community‑acquired pneumonia in a tertiary care hospital.Angrup, A; Chaudhry, R; Sharma, S; Valavane, A; Passi, K; Padmaja, K; Javed, S; Dey, A B; Dhawan, B; Kabra, S K
Oct-2016Internalisation of hepatitis C virus core protein by human conjunctival fibroblasts.Rajalakshmy, A R; Malathi, J; Madhavan, H N; Bhaskar, S; Iyer, G K
Oct-2016A high yield DNA extraction method for medically important Candida species: A comparison of manual versus QIAcube‑based automated system.Das, P; Pandey, P; Harishankar, A; Chandy, M; Bhattacharya, S
Oct-2016High fungal spore burden with predominance of Aspergillus in hospital air of a tertiary care hospital in Chandigarh.Rudramurthy, S M; Singh, G; Hallur, V; Verma, S; Chakrabarti, A
Oct-2016Improved detection of Shigella using Escherichia coli medium enrichment: Polymerase chain reaction from stool samples.Gupta, P K; Appannanavar, S B; Mohan, B; Taneja, N
Oct-2016Six‑year susceptibility trends and effect of revised Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute breakpoints on ciprofloxacin susceptibility reporting in typhoidal Salmonellae in a tertiary care paediatric hospital in Northern India.Saksena, R; Nayyar, C; Manchanda, V
Oct-2016Pulmonary Mycobacterium kansasii disease in immunocompetent host: Treatment outcomes with short‑course chemotherapy.Padmapriyadarsini, C; Nair, D; Gomathi, N S; Velayudham, B
Oct-2016Can minocycline be a carbapenem sparing antibiotic? Current evidence.Veeraraghavan, B; Shankar, C; Vijayakumar, S
Oct-2016In vitro sensitivity pattern of chloroquine and artemisinin in Plasmodium falciparum.Sharma, Supriya; Kaitholia, Kamlesh; Mishra, Neelima; Srivastava, Bina; Pillai, C R; Valecha, Neena; Anvikar, Anupkumar R
Oct-2016Synergism between fluconazole and methylene blue‑photodynamic therapy against fluconazole‑resistant Candida strains.Lyon, J P; Carvalho, C R; Rezende, R R; Lima, C J; Santos, F V; Moreira, L M
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1844