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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1999Genotoxic Effects On Photocopying Workers : A Statistical Investigation.Goud, Iravathy; Rao, Hanumatha P; Ahuja, Y R; Pandit, S N N; Haragopal, V V
Apr-1999Blood Groups Of The Kharwar Of Garhwa District In Palamau Division Of Bihar State, India.Kumar, N; Sharma, Nidhi; Singh, Arbindo M
Apr-1999Serum Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) Levels In Breast Cancer.shrinivasan, Anupama; Poongothai, A R; Rao, Chandrasekhar S; Srinivasulu, M; Vishnupriya, S
Apr-1999Evaluation Of LP (a) As A Risk Predictor For CAD In Angiorgaphiclly Tested Inividuals And Asymptomatic Controls.Beena, G; Reddy, Krishana; Raju, B S; Padma, T
Apr-1999SCE Analysis In Treated And Unteated Leprosy Patients.Kaur, Satbir; Sambyal, Vasudha; Rai, Sukhwinder Kaur
Apr-1999Dissimilar Deletion In DMD Gene Of Two Brothers : A Case Study.Joshi, V P; Khalap, N V; Khadilkar, S V; Mahajan, S K
Apr-1999Genetic Analyses Of Plasma ApoCII By Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophresis In Two Population Groups Of Panjab.Singh, Puneetpal; Mastana, Sarabjit Singh; Singh, Monica; Dhillon, Nancy
Jan-1999GenSoft 2000 : A New Software For Detecting Genetic Diseases.Dhar, Pawan Kumar; Kumar, Yeshwant
Jan-1999Hormonal Studies In Primary Amenorrhea.Kalpana, V Lakshmi; Satyanarayana, M; Udayakumar, D; Babu, V Raj
Jan-1999Haemoglobin Variants In Some Ethnic Groups Of Punjab (North India).Kaur, Rajinder; Kaur, Harsurinder
Jan-1999Time And Temperature Effects On In-Vitro Sperm Chromatin and Stability.Rao, K M
Jan-1999A Study On The Genetics Of Sense Of Humour.Ahuja, Y R; Arya, Saroj; Vazir, Shahnaz; Rao, K Visweswara; Vishnupriya, S
Jan-1999Risk Figures For Vitiligo Among The Relatives Of The Probands.Rao, Hanmanth P; Waheed, M A; Hussain, S J
Jan-1999Spontaneous Expression Of Fragile Site at Xq27.3 In a Fragile X patient.Bhaskaran, Sujatha; Tilak, Preetha; Lincoln, Shavanthi; Thomas, I M; Brahmachari, Vani
Jan-1999Apolipoprotein E Polymorphism In Two Populations Of Andhra Pradesh.Venkatramana, P; Reddy, Chengal; Ferrell, R E
Jan-1999HLA Antigen And Haplotype Frequencies In Bhargavas And Chaturvedies Of UP (India).Agrawal, Suraksha; Arundhati, K; Bhardwaj, Uddalak; Bhatnagar, Suhasini
Jan-1999An Increased Incidence Of C-Band Heteromorphism In Hereditary Breast Cancer Patients and Their Healthy Blood Relatives An Indian Experience.Roy, Shambhu K; Trivedi, Amit H; Bakshi, Sonal R; Patel, Shailesh J; Shukla, Pina H; Jyotsna, M; Bhatavdekar; Patel, Devendra D; Shah, Pankaj M
Apr-1998Development And Application Of Tests With Human Derived Cells For The Detection Of Environmental Genotoxins.Knasmuller, S; Uhl, M; Darroudi, Firouz; Mersch-Sundermann, V; Bader, A; Sanyal, R; Schwab, Christina; Hietsch, G; Parzefall, W; Natarajan, A T
Apr-1998Use Of Metabolically Competent Human Hepatoma Cells of The Detection Of Mutagens And Antimutagens.Knasmuller, Siegfried; Parzefall, Wolfram; Sanyal, Ratna; Ecker, Sonja; Schwab, Christina; Uhl, Maria; Mersch-Sundermann, Volker; Williamson, Gary; Hietsch, Gerhard; Langer, Theo; Darroudi, Firouz; Natarajan, Adayapalam T
Apr-1998Polymorphism At GSTM1 And CYP2D6 Gene Loci And Modulation Of Oral Cancer Risk.Bhisey, Rajani; Buch, Shama; Kotekar, Aparna; Fakih, Abdul
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 617