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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Apr-2009A novel RNA-splicing mutation in TRAPPC2 gene causing x-linked spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia tarda in a large Chinese family.Guo, Hong; Xu, Xueqing; Wang, Kai; Zhang, Bo; Deng, Guohong; Wang, Yan; Bai, Yun
7-Apr-2009QTL identification of grain protein concentration and its genetic correlation with starch concentration and grain weight using two populations in maize (Zea mays L.).Li, Yuling; Wang, Yanzhao; Wei, Mengguan; Li, Xuehui; Fu, Jiafeng
7-Apr-2009SPANX-B and SPANX-C (xq27 region) gene dosage analysis in Down's syndrome subjects with undescended testes.Salemi, Michele; Romano, Corrado; Barone, Concetta; Calí, Francesco; Caraci, Filippo; Romano, Carmelo; Scavuzzo, Cataldo; Scillato, Francesco; Salluzzo, Maria Grazia; Piccione, Maria; Martines, Manuela; Corsello, Giovanni; Nicoletti, Ferdinando; Bosco, Paolo
7-Apr-2009Neurospora crassa fmf-1 encodes the homologue of the Schizosaccharomyces pombe Ste11p regulator of sexual development.Iyer, Srividhya V; Ramakrishnan, Mukund; Kasbekar, Durgadas P
7-Apr-2009Investigations on possible role of MIF gene polymorphism in progression of chikungunya infection into cases of acute flaccid paralysis and chronic arthropathy.Fulsundar, Shweta Ramdas; Roy, Subarna; Manimunda, Sathya Prakash; Singh, Shiv Shankar; Sugunan, A P; Vijayachari, Paluru
7-Apr-2009A national survey on the allelic, genotypic, and haplotypic distribution of PRNP insertion and deletion polymorphisms in Korean cattle.Kim, Younyoung; Kim, Jong Bok; Sohn, Hyunjoo; Lee, Chaeyoung
7-Apr-2009QTL detection of rice grain quality traits by microsatellite markers using an indica rice (Oryza sativa L.) combination.Sabouri, Hossein
7-Apr-2009Remarkable evolutionary conservation of SOX14 orthologues.Popovic, Jelena; Stevanovic, Milena
7-Apr-2009Resynthesized Brassica juncea lines with novel organellar genome constitution obtained through protoplast fusion.Yadav, Poonam; Bhat, S R; Prakash, S; Mishra, L C; Chopra, V L
7-Apr-2009Phylogeographic distribution of mitochondrial DNA macrohaplogroup M in India.Maji, Suvendu; Krithika, S; Vasulu, T S
7-Apr-2009Allele frequencies of ten short tandem repeats loci in the central Tunisian human population.Souiden, Yousra; Chaieb, Kamel; Chehab, Olfa; Mahdouani, Kacem
7-Apr-2009Mating system and seed variation of Acacia hybrid (A. mangium x A. auriculiformis).Ng, Chin-Hong; Lee, Soon-Leong; Ng, Kevin Kit-Siong; Muhammad, Norwati; Ratnam, Wickneswari
7-Apr-2009[Commentary on J. Genet. classic] Parental-age effects in Down syndrome.Girirajan, Santhosh
7-Apr-2009Evolutionary history of the somatostatin and somatostatin receptors.Moaeen-Ud-Din, Muhammad; Yang, Li Guo
7-Apr-2009Collectrin gene screening in Turner syndrome patients with kidney malformation.Pasquali, L; d'Annunzio, G; Gastaldi, R; Dibattista, E; Calcaterra, V; Larizza, D; Lorini, R; D'Amato, E
7-Apr-2009A common variant in chromosome 9p21 associated with coronary artery disease in Asian Indians.Maitra, Arindam; Dash, Debabrata; John, Shibu; Sannappa, Prathima R; Das, Anupam P; Shanker, Jayashree; Rao, Veena S; Sridhara, H; Kakkar, Vijay V
7-Apr-2009Utilizing linkage disequilibrium information from Indian Genome Variation Database for mapping mutations: SCA12 case study.Bahl, Samira; Ahmed, Ikhlak; ,; Mukerji, Mitali
7-Apr-2009[J. Genet. classic] The relative effets of paternal and maternal age in mongolism.Penrose, L S
7-Apr-2009Cytogenetic study of Ascaris trypsin inhibitor in cultured human lymphocytes with metabolic activation.Blaszkowska, Joanna; Bratkowska, Wanda; Lopaczynska, Dobroslawa; Ferenc, Tomasz
7-Apr-2009Genetic differentiation of populations residing in areas of high malaria endemicity in India.Sinha, Swapnil; Arya, Vandana; Agarwal, Sarita; ,; Habib, Saman
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 323