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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2009Epidemiology of group a streptococcal pharyngitis & impetigo: A cross-sectional & follow up study in a rural community of northern India.Kumar, R; Vohra, H; Chakraborty, A; Sharma, Y P; Bandhopadhya, S; Dhanda, V; Sagar, V; Sharma, M; Shah, B; Ganguly, N K
Oct-2010PET and PET-CT imaging in infection and inflammation: Its critical role in assessing complications related to therapeutic interventions in patients with cancer.Basu, S; Kumar, R; Alavi, A
Jul-2012API textbook of medicine.Gaur, S N; Kumar, R
Jul-2010Why youth smoke? An exploratory community-based study from Chandigarh Union Territory of Northern India.Thakur, J S; Lenka, S R; Bhardwaj, S; Kumar, R
Jan-2010How to plan for methane mitigation and utilisation strategies.Pandey, J S; Mishra, A P; Sur, U K; Tembhare, M; Kumar, R; Wate, S R
Jul-2010The association between smoking and male fertility and sexual health.Kumar, R
May-2010Comet assay: A prognostic tool for DNA integrity assessment in infertile men opting for assisted reproduction.Shamsi, M B; Venkatesh, S; Tanwar, M; Singh, G; Mukherjee, S; Malhotra, N; Kumar, R; Gupta, N P; Mittal, S; Dada, R
Oct-2011Correlation between the preoperative serum prostate specific antigen, Gleason score, and clinical staging with pathological outcome following robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: An Indian experience.Singh, P; Dogra, P N; Gupta, N P; Nayyar, R; Seth, A; Javali, T D; Kumar, R
Jan-2013Always expect the unexpected - chyle leak: Revisiting the entity.Preetam, C; Sikka, K; Kumar, R; Kumar, R
1-Feb-1994Anterior fontanel size.Mathur, S; Kumar, R; Mathur, G P; Singh, V K; Gupta, V; Tripathi, V N