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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2010Mediastinal haemangioma with pericardial effusion: A rare entity.Gupta, S; Bhalotra, B; Jain, N
Apr-2010Spectrum of intrabronchial mass lesions and role of flexible bronchoscopy in their diagnosis: A series of 74 cases.Gupta, S; Bhalotra, B; Jain, N
Oct-2012Diagnostic yield of computed tomography-guided percutaneous fine needle aspiration cytology of radiological suspected cases of lung mass lesions.Jain, V K; Mishra, M; Singh, A K; Gupta, S; Jain, N
Oct-2011Polymorphous low-grade adenocarcinoma of the palate: Report of a case.Gupta, S; Kumar, C A; Raghav, N
1-Sep-2000Intestinal amoebiasis: delayed-type hypersensitivity response in mice.Ghosh, P K; Gupta, S; Ortiz-Ortiz, L
Jan-2013Management of gastrointestinal stromal tumor: The lmatinib era and beyond.Parikh, P M; Gupta, S
Jul-2013Presentation, complications, and impact of concurrent malaria infection on anticancer therapy.Noronha, V; Goyal, G; Joshi, A; Gupta, S; Ghosh, J; Bajpai, J; Prabhash, K
Jul-2013Sunitinib in metastatic renal cell carcimoma: A single-center experience.Krishna, V M; Noronha, V; Prabhash, K; Joshi, A; Patil, V; Bhosale, B; Ravi, T; Menon, H; Gupta, S; Banavali, S D; Bakshi, G; Tangaonkar, H B
1-Apr-1979A variant of galactosemia presenting as larger bilateral lenticular opacities in an older child.Verma, K C; Jamwal, D S; Gupta, S
1-Jan-1979Immune response in malnutrition--study following routine DPT immunization!Paul, S; Saini, L; Grover, S; Ray, K; Ray, S N; Gupta, S